My Morning & Evening Cleaning Routine

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My Cleaning Routine

I do not claim to be a cleaning or organization guru. In fact, I struggle with keeping the house clean and organized. Homemaking is definitely an area that I need a lot of improvement on.

I really appreciate YouTubers who show how they clean, declutter, and organize their homes. They really inspire me to keep the house clean and orderly.

Here are some of my favorite homemakers on YouTube:

Minimal Mom

How Jen Does It

Daily Connoisseur

A to Zen Life

Having a morning and evening cleaning routine helps keep the mess minimal on a daily basis.

I created this routine based on our “hot spots,” which are spots or areas that have heavy traffic or that we use frequently during the day.

I split my daily cleaning routine into two parts: morning and evening. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the day.

*Keep in mind this is not my decluttering or zone cleaning routine, which I hope to share in the future.

Morning Routine

  • Make bed
  • Quick kitchen clean up
  • Quick bathroom clean up

I usually try to put away dishes from the night before, clean up the kitchen counter and wash dishes from breakfast before I get ready for the day.

After getting ready for the day (shower and dressed), I quickly make our bed. Then, I wipe down the bathroom sink and counter and put away items like toothpaste, lotions, makeup, hairbrush, etc.


list of a homeschool mom's morning cleaning routine

Evening Routine

  • Pick up the living room
  • Clean up kitchen & dining room
  • Entryway

After dinner, I wash the dishes, wipe down the kitchen counter and dining table, sweep the floor and mop if needed.

Then, I pick up the entryway area. Put shoes away and mop if needed.

Lastly, we all pick up the living room. The kids put their toys and books away. I quickly fold the blankets, put away any other items on the couch to where they belong (books, papers, etc.), and throw away any trash.

list of a homeschool mom's evening cleaning routine

That’s It!

That’s my QUICK morning and evening cleaning routine! I find that if I do this daily, it really helps my mood and the house is at least somewhat presentable should we have a surprise guest!

Do you have. a morning & evening cleaning routine? If so, what do you do? Please share with me in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

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