How To Create Your Homeschool Binder

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I created a homeschool binder for the purpose of keeping everything homeschool related in one place.

Instead of papers here and there, I file them all in one binder.

This binder is for more the parents and not the students.

How to Create Your Homeschool Binder


You will need:

  • A binder (1 in. works for me)
  • One set of dividers (5 tabs)
  • Pen or marker to write on the tabs


You can download and print these:

Homeschool Binder


You can label them any way you like. My binder is labeled like this:

  • Section 1: Calendar & Attendance
  • Section 2: Weekly Lesson Plan
  • Section 3: Curriculum
  • Section 4: Extracurricular
  • Section 5: Resources
Homeschool Binder Tabs

SECTION 1: Calendar & Attendance

Homeschool academic calendar
Homeschool attendance sheet

SECTION 2: Weekly Lesson Plans

Homeschool Weekly Lesson Plan

SECTION 3: Curriculum

  • Every quarter (September, January, April, July), I will go through and assess our curriculum.
  • I go through each subject and pick out the textbooks, workbooks, and/or activities.
  • I just typed this up in Word or you can simply write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the binder.
  • It’s a simple curriculum at this point since we don’t plan to “hit the books” until they are around 7 or 8. But, I still like to have a framework to work off of.
Homeschool Binder Curriculum

SECTION 4: Extracurricular

  • Any music, sports, or arts info. go here.
  • Documents for any children church-related activities go here too (if you do scouts, those documents can go here too if you wish).
Homeschool Binder Extracurricular

SECTION 5: Resources

  • Current state homeschool laws
  • Other homeschool resources (ideas, co-op, conventions, etc.)
Homeschool Binder Resources


That’s it. This is how I put together my homeschool binder.

It’s simple to start out with. Everything is in one place so it’s organized and you can access them quickly.

As the kids get older, I may need a bigger binder and make a few changes but for now this works.

I know that not everyone will do their homeschool binder this way. Some like to create sections for each subject.

Do you have a homeschool binder? If so, how do you section your tabs?

Let me know in the comment section down below! I’m curious!

Until next time,

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    • Hi Diana, thank you so much for your comment. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all or if there’s a specific resource you are looking for. God bless you too and enjoy your homeschooling journey. 🙂


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