4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks (2022-2023)

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4th Grade Already?

I cannot believe my son is going into the 4th grade already! 😭 Time sure flies. Well, I am finalizing his curriculum for next homeschool year.

We are year-round homeschoolers and our homeschool year “technically” starts in July.

The curriculum we used for 2021-2022 worked out pretty well so we are going to use the same curriculum and just go up a level.

Here’s what we’ve got (so far).

Language Arts


Social Studies

Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Pre-reformation and modern history and geography.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Ecology, astronomy, and physics.

Science Kits: I am thinking of subscribing to kits that are related to what we are learning and/or what interest him. Kits such as those from Kiwoco.

I am also reviewing these science curricula that come with kits as well. But, for now I think I will go with what they are learning in Classical Conversations and they have hands-on science once a week during community day. For now, this will suffice.

Fine Arts

Piano Lessons: Micah will be starting back up with his piano lessons during the fall, he will be going into his 5th year of piano. He takes lessons from the Adler Arts Center here and he loves his teacher, who helps him with composition.

Art Lessons & Kits: I am contemplating enrolling him in art lesson at the Adler Arts Center, but will have to see if it’ll fit our budget.

I do have this Drawing and Creative Arts & Crafts curriculum from The Good and The Beautiful, which we started last year and haven’t finished. I will probably incorporate this for his fine art studies.

He will also have receive fine arts instruction once a week during community day at Classical Conversations.


Swim lessons: He is enrolled in swimming lessons for the summer and has become more and more comfortable and confident in it, which I am glad to see.

Gymnastics: I am considering going back to gymnastics during the colder months and try it out. He had lessons two years ago and probably doesn’t remember much anymore. We go to open gym sometimes (this past winter) but not classes.

At-home health lessons (meal portions, healthy eating habits, how to shop for food, how to read ingredient lists).

Nature walks


Bible: He is currently reading one chapter a day and is in 2 Samuel. He did say that he may tryto read two chapters a day because. He has a goal of finishing the whole Bible before considering baptism. (His own goal, not ours! 😅).

Sabbath School Lessons: This is curriculum from our church geared for his age group.


Connoisseur Kids: Written by Jennifer L. Scott, this book guides parents and children to learn etiquette, manners, and healthy habits.

Community involvement (volunteer opportunities): I am looking into Kids Rank right now, which is an organization geared for military kids to help them connect with each other, learn social and leadership skills, as well as community service through volunteering. They will meet once a week from October to May.

Our church also does various volunteering projects such as Feed My Starving Children, which we’ve participated in before, so I hope to do that again this coming year.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s all I have for now for Micah’s 4th grade homeschool instruction. I am sure there will be minor changes here and there, but for the most part I think this is it.

What about you and yours? Have you picked out your homeschool curriculum for 2022-2023 yet? If not, don’t worry. Take your time. Sometimes, less is more if you know what I mean. 😉

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