Hands-on Elementary Homeschool Science Curricula

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I hand-picked these 6 homeschool science curricula for ONE very specific reason. They all come with a science kit.

If you know me, you know I am typically a frugal person. If I can save a few bucks by doing it myself, I will.

However. HOWEVER. H.O.W.E.V.E.R. I am drawing the line when it comes to hands-on science experiments.

First of all, I am NOT a scientist. I wanted to be one (a marine biologist), but alas I am not. My dreams were crushed when I found out I get horrible motion sickness out at sea. Oh, and I don’t really know how to swim…LOL!

Trust me, I’ve tried gathering my own supplies. I went to the Dollar Tree, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-mart, even thrift stores just so we can have some fun science experiments and these were my results:

  • Ended up spending more money.
  • Spent lots of time going aisle to aisle (especially at Lowe’s or Home Depot).
  • Mediocre science experiments.
  • Frazzled mom and disappointed kids.

Okay, maybe not ALL home science experiments were a flop, we got (a little) better each time. But, you know what? I just can’t see myself doing this with the kids in the long run.

So, I am turning to science curricula that come with a kit.

Now, some of these are going to be pricey because we are trading time and sanity for convenience. But, stay with me ’till the end and I will share a few tips on how to find science kits if you are on a budget.

Ready? Here we go.

6 Hands-on Science Curricula (That Come With Lab Kits)

  1. Supercharged Science
  2. Sonlight Science
  3. Berean Builders
  4. BJU
  5. R.E.A.L Science Oddysey
  6. Real Science 4 Kids

1 | Supercharged Science Science Mastery Program

Creator & owner, Aurora Lipper is a mechanical engineer, pilot, astronomer, college instructor, business owner, and mom of 4. Oh, she also taught science to kids K-12 for over 15 years. Whoa, I’m feeling quite small after typing all of that!

Supercharged Science was created from a neutral standpoint (neither secular nor Christian), with homeschoolers in mind. In fact, we are her main target audience.

She has several other science programs to offer, but the one that comes with ALL the materials needed for science experiments is the Science Mastery Program.

This program has over a year’s worth of physical science and chemistry for kids K-12.

You are looking at learning and experimenting with:

  • Aeronautics
  • Robotics
  • Electricity
  • Hovercraft
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry

And much more.

The Science Mastery Program comes with:

  • The Science Experiment Manual
  • DVDs & CDs
  • E-science program
  • Unlimited email support
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee

For more details on the Science Mastery Program, go here.

Now, we have been eyeing her Science Mastery Program for a very long time. Why have we not bite the bullet yet? Well…let’s talk pricing.

Elementary Homeschool Science Programs
Image credit: https://www.superchargedscience.com/shop/science-mastery/

Yea…the cheapest program, Silver, is $695.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want to best for my kids but if I am going to shell out roughly $700 – $2000 for a good science program, I want to make sure that BOTH the kids are going through it together so I only have to pay for it once.

My 7 year-old son, of course, wants the Diamond program. He is a little advanced when it comes to science and if he could do science experiments all day, everyday, he probably would. My daughter is only 5, she is not as interested in science as her brother.

So, I am probably going to wait another year or two (and save up in the meantime) and revisit her Science Mastery Program, Diamond, then.

She also offers a complete online science curriculum for K-12 for cheaper pricing options, but it does not come with all the materials, rather a list of materials you can get on your own. More details on her e-science curriculum here.

If you are interested if signing up for one of her free science classes, you can do so here.

2 | Sonlight Science Program

Sonlight is a very popular homeschool curriculum company amongst Christians. They offer complete homeschool curriculum for all school subjects.

Their Science Program is offered to students from K-10. Each program is based on age/grade ranges. For lower elementary age group (K-3), we are looking at:

  • Science K
  • Science A
  • Science B
  • Science C

Each level or program has its own focus, but for Science K, A, B, C, you are looking at learning:

  • Ecosystem
  • Meteorology
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Botany
  • Biology
  • Technology
  • Animals
  • Geology
  • Mechanical technology

And more.

You can choose if you want a 4-day or 5-day a week program.

Each science program level comes with:

  • Instructor’s guide
  • Science books for kids
  • Videos/DVD for experiments
  • Science supplies kit

Each science program is generally somewhere between ~$150-$230 (plus tax) depending on the level and your choice of a 4 or 5-day per week plan.

For more details about Sonlight Science Program and pricing, go here.

Homeschool Science program with kits
Image credit from: https://www.sonlight.com/KS5.html

3 | Berean Builders Science

Berean Builders is written by Dr. Jay Wiles of Apologia, another popular name amongst Christian homeschoolers.

Berean Builders Science elementary level (K-6) includes:

Topics covered in the elementary level include:

  • Solar system
  • Light, air, water
  • Plants
  • Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Sound
  • Motion
  • Microbiology
  • Astronomy
  • Electricity
  • Geology
  • Zoology

And more.

Homeschool hands on science for Christians
Image credit: https://www.homesciencetools.com/science-curriculum-kits/berean-builders/science-in-the-ancient-world/

Berean Builders Science include:

  • Lab kit
  • Textbook
  • Helps & hints
  • Worksheets & tests

Note: Lab kits contain hard to find materials, so there are some common supplies that you would have to purchase on your own.

You can choose to buy altogether or separately. For more detail info. and pricing, please go here.

4 | BJU Science

Bob Jones University (or BJU) offers curriculum from a Biblical worldview. Their science curriculum are offered for grades 1-12.

Hands-on science for homeschoolers
Image credit: https://www.homesciencetools.com/science-curriculum-kits/bju-press/science-2/

In the elementary level (science 1-6), BJU science focuses on:

  • Building a foundational knowledge (from a 6-day Creation, young world perspective)
  • Pre-assessment
  • Scaffolded instruction
  • Spiral review
  • Hands-on activities

Homeschoolers will be given opportunities to:

  • Observe
  • Classify
  • Measure
  • Analyze

And more.

Each grade level from grade 2 and up, comes with a:

  • Lab kit
  • Activity manual
  • Textbook

Note: Grade 1 does not have a lab kit.

For more info. and pricing details, please go here.

5 | REAL Science Odyssey

Produced by Pandia Press, REAL Science Odyssey is a secular hands-on science curriculum for elementary students, middle and high schoolers.

Hands-on secular science program
Image credit: https://www.homesciencetools.com/science-curriculum-kits/r-e-a-l-science-odyssey/

For the elementary level, your child will learn:

  • Life science
  • Astronomy
  • Earth & environment
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Each level includes:

  • Lab kit
  • Textbook
  • Extra student pages

6 | Real Science 4 Kids

Real Science 4 Kids, by Gravitas Publications, boasts a “logical and sequential approach” to learning science while laying a solid foundation and making science come to life. There are hands-on experiments in each chapter.

Real Science 4 Kids introduces scientific facts and theories based on what is accepted by the scientific community and encourages students to explore opposing views. It does not say outright if it’s secular or Christian.

There are two series:

  • Exploring the Building Blocks of Science (a year long program)
  • Focus On (semester long program based on block teaching)

Here’s a quick video from their website explaining the two series:


Exploring the Building Blocks of Science has 7 book series.

Each series includes a:

  • Student textbook
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Lab notebook
  • Lab kit

You can purchase them separately or bundle the books, more details and pricing here.

Focus On has 5 subject series for the elementary (K-4) age group:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Astronomy

Each subject series includes:

  • Student textbook
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Lab notebook
  • Lab kit

You can purchase separately or bundle the books for a discount, more pricing details here.

Bonus: Timberdoodle

Timberdoodle is a unique family-owned homeschooling company that focuses on engineering, hands-on activities, and critical thinking. They also offer science textbooks and lab kits on their website. You can check the science section here.

It was a bit hard to know which lab kit goes with which textbook or manual (I’m sure they can help you) at the time of my research. But, it’s still a great option to look at.

Hands-on Homeschool Science Curriculum

How to Save on Expensive Science Curricula & Lab Kits

  1. Check Facebook Marketplace and see if anyone in your local homeschool group or any homeschool resale page/group has any of these science kits for sale. Usually, sellers will price them a little lower especially if they’ve tried an experiment or two. I recently purchased Sonlight Science B kit at a reduced price from FB Marketplace, the seller said they used one experiment but it’s reusable. No problemo with me!
  2. I’ve linked some of these to Homeschool Science Tools’ website. They have a FREE Science Perks program, where you can earn back 2-6%. More information on Science Perks Program here.
  3. Sonlight & Timberdoodle also have their own rewards program as well.
    1. Sonlight Rewards Program here.
    2. Timberdoodle has Doodle Dollars, more info. here.
  4. Sign up to be on the company’s email list (if there’s one). There may be an introductory coupon with their welcome email or they will let you know when a promotional sale is going on.
  5. Don’t think you have to get the whole kit and caboodle. Your littlest ones may not be interested in the textbook or even writing in the lab notebook. Sometimes, they just want to EXPERIMENT! It may be cheaper if you buy single science kits like a frog dissection kit or a bacteria growing kit, they will still learn AND have so much fun.
  6. Most, if not all, of these science programs have sample pages that you can view or even try a lesson. If you are not sure which one to go with, I suggest checking out their sample lessons and see if it’ll be a right fit before purchasing.

Wrapping It Up!

Alright, I am wrapping it up here. I hope this will help you as you begin your homeschool science journey with your kids.

Please let me know in the comment section below if there are any other science kits and programs that you’ve come across that I have not mentioned here.

Until next time! 🙂

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