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Finding the right homeschool planner can be so hard sometimes! There are so many out choices out there.

I rounding some free and paid planners that I think are worth your time to look through. I tried to keep budget as well as quality in mind when I went on this planner hunt.

Some are digital and some are printed.


FREE with email sign up then it’s an immediate download. 182 pages.

This is a very comprehensive homeschool planner & journal. 2020-2021 calendar is a separate free download.

  • Purpose & goals setting
  • Teaching toolbox
  • Attendance, field trips planning, important dates
  • Weekly planning pages – many different options 
  • Weekly homeschool checklist
  • Assignment list
  • Morning/evening journal, reflection pages
  • Homeschool checklist & subject planning pages
  • Book list, favorite meal
  • Password tracker, emergency contacts, phone list


Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!

This is an online homeschool and life planner. There’s a FREE 30-day trial, no credit card needed.

You can read and watch my review of Homeschool Planet here.

I love how much time this saves me. No more printing out academic calendars or attendance sheets (although print option is available). It’s all tracked in there once you set up your start and end dates for the school year.

Also, you can track multiple kids on this planner.

What I LOVE the most about Homeschool Planet is the Lesson Plans & Curriculum!

In addition to the planner, you can choose available curricula (and they have a wide selection) from their marketplace and the lesson plans will automatically populate in your planner!

Now, currently this planner is $69.95 annually or $7.95 per month, plus lesson plans. It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, BUT! (this is a big but lol), this planner can actually save you time and sanity in the long run.

I’d say give it a try with the 30-day FREE trial and see for yourself. No credit card needed. Easy peasy.


This is an all inclusive, top selling homeschool planner that is definitely well-loved by many homeschool parents.

If you want a planner that has both homeschool planning and home management, this is the one.

This is what is listed from their website:

  • Curriculum planing & budget for each child
  • Daily schedules for child & parent
  • Monthly articles for homeschool moms
  • Monthly area: Goals and Objectives
  • Monthly area: Books Students Read
  • Monthly area: Field Trips & Activities
  • Five core subjects on weekly pages
  • Additional elective planning space
  • Attendance
  • Completion checkboxes
  • Grades
  • 4 tear-out card stock report cards
  • Teacher tips from Well Planned Gal
  • Weekly house cleaning schedule
  • Monthly home projects
  • Tear-out chore charts
  • Read through the Bible in a year plan
  • Monthly chore assignments, projects, and decorating
  • Weekly to-do & dinner schedule
  • Tear-out shopping lists
  • Weekend activities
  • Holiday organization
  • Vacation planning
  • Summer bucket list


This is a spiral bound, undated, Christian homeschool planner.

124809: The Ultimate Homeschool Planner (Blue Cover)The Ultimate Homeschool Planner (Blue Cover)

It includes:

  • One-year planning spread
  • Monthly & weekly planner
  • Student goal setter
  • Resource page
  • Reading list
  • Field trip logs
  • Bible plan, battle plan, prayers, and hospitality/outreach efforts
  • Memorable moments, achievements, and evidence of grace


This is a very affordable, simple and straight-forward 18-month homeschool planner on Amazon.

It includes:

  • Yearly calendar
  • Monthly and weekly planning pages
  • Goals for the year
  • A section on weekly planning to write your to-do list
Top 10 homeschool planners free and paid


This is a planner subscription service for teachers.

It is a customizable planner that is DIGITAL and PRINTABLE with over 1,500 editable forms. You can access/edit your teacher planner on Google Drive.

It is a YEARLY (not monthly) membership.

COST: $30 for the first year, then $12 per year. Cancel anytime.

*You need to purchase a binder of some sort to put all your printable planner pages together. I’ve seen some use:

  • Regular 3 ring binders
  • For 8.5 x 11 size planner pages: Discounted Big Happy Planners and Happy Planner Big hole puncher (make sure it’s the BIG size since this will fit 8.5 x 11 printer paper)
  • Comb binding machine like this one with combs and covers. (Look on FB marketplace or Ebay for cheaper prices, I found my binding machine for $20 used).

One Stop Teacher Planner includes:

  • Over 80 cover designs
  • Choose your style (modern or whimsical)
  • Predated lesson plans (completely editable)
  • Monthly and yearly calendar 
  • Daily schedules
  • Attendance, grades, and many editable forms
  • Password trackers
  • Student data trackers
  • Digital stickers


This is a paid online digital homeschool planner.
You can access your planner via web, mobile app, or print out your schedules.

Homeschooler Essentials: $5 monthly payment or $50 annual pre payment

Homeschooler Pro: $8 monthly payment or $80 annual pre payment

30-day free trial, no commitment, no credit card required.

Not only is this a digital planner for homeschoolers, it also has social networking and collaboration with other homeschoolers in your area or across the globe.

Another neat feature is a section for budget & expense tracking and Homeschool Panda Kids where your child can access their daily schedules on a secure dashboard.

Homeschool Essentials includes:

  • Calendar
  • Lesson Planner
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Student Portal
  • Book Scan & Log
  • Portfolio Generation
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Import/Share Lesson Plans

Homeschool Pro includes:

  • Everything in Homeschool Essentials
  • Transcripts
  • Access to All Reports
  • Access to HSP Lesson Plans
  • Budget & Expense Tracking
  • Unlimited Storage


FREE with email sign. 80+ pages.

Great 2020-2021 planner for your homeschool!

  • 2020-2021 calendar & monthly planner
  • Homeschool vision & mission
  • Holidays and important dates
  • Reading log
  • Weekly checklist
  • Attendance sheet
  • Yearly subject planner
  • Weekly & daily lesson planer
  • Homeschool resource pages
  • Unit study planner
  • Lapbooking planner
  • Field trip planner
  • Score record keeping


FREE instant PDF download, no email sign up.

Awesome Charlotte Mason inspired “Build Your Own” homeschool planner with tips and tricks to put together your own planner.


  • 2021 calendar
  • Monthly planner
  • Blank planner pages (great for bullet journal planning)
  • Weekly schedules and planner
  • Printable Charlotte Mason memory work list
  • Printable Charlotte Mason “What a Child Should Know at Six & Twelve”
  • Student evaluation sheet
  • Habits pages 


FREE with email sign up. This free planner is by Stacey Russell over at Bless My Budget.

This homeschool planner is undated and colorful. She also gives you tips on how to put it all together.


  • Cover
  • Undated monthly planner
  • Weekly schedule
  • 4 week lesson planner for each month
  • Curriculum planning
  • Grade sheets
  • Reading log
  • Website and password tracker


Do you use any of the above homeschool planners? Or is there one that you are interested in printing out or purchasing?

Let me know in the comment section down below!

Currently, I am using this one below that I found at Aldi’s for $8. I am also trialing Homeschool Planet and I gotta say, I LOVE IT!

My 2020 Homeschool Planner

Happy planning!

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Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!



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