5 Tips to Avoid Burnout for Beginner Homeschool Moms

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If I told you our homeschool was green grass, rolling hills, and sunshine all day long I’d be lying right to your face.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I do. But, I am with them ALL. DAY. LONG. It’s not unnatural for me to feel tired from time to time, right? Please say yes.

Now, being tired is one thing. But, burnout is another.

Here are my 5 tips to avoid burnout for moms who are just starting homeschool.

1. Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to other homeschool parents. Stop comparing your homeschool room or space to other people’s spaces, and stop comparing your kids to other homeschool kids.

This is mental exhaustion and toxic to long-term health of you, your family, and your homeschool goals.

It is easy to fall into comparison when we are first starting out our journey in homeschool. Sometimes, we actually may not know what to do (raising my own hand) and you just want to see what other homeschool families do. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Getting ideas for other homeschool families is totally different than comparing yourself and your kids and trying to “keep up” with what everybody else seems to be doing.

I know it’s easier said than done. But, the more we resist from comparison, the easier it gets.

2. Start Simple

Keep your schedule and curriculum very simple. Especially when you are first starting out.

Don’t try to pack everything into one day, we are not running a public school. Many things can be flexible.

Once you have your simple routine and schedule down packed then you can consider adding a little more to your plate.

A little tweak here and there is totally okay! But, give it a good month to try a new schedule or curriculum out before changing things up completely.

Make sure you meet your state’s requirements if there are any and that’s it, you don’t have to make it complicated. If you need help on researching your state’s homeschool laws, go HERE or sign up for my guided checklist below.

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    3. Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead can help with the mental exhaustion that can come day after day.

    I choose two times out of the year to do my big planning for our homeschool. The beginning of our homeschool year (July) and mid year (Christmas break).

    In July, I spend perhaps up to a week researching for our new year’s curriculum, assess what we’ve done, keep the good and toss out the bad. Well, not toss (recycle or resell). Hehe.

    This is also the time I will look over new curriculum, read the introduction and the general framework and contents of the curriculum.

    There may be some little research here and there in between but I usually don’t have to time for a deep in-depth curriculum research every month.

    Then, I take out my planner and fill out our homeschool days.

    Currently, I am using and LOVING Homeschool Panda, which is an online, digital homeschool planner.

    I use Homeschool Panda to plan out our day-to-day and I love that I can check off each topic when we are done. 😀

    4. Regular Alone Time

    This is so important.

    We are home with the kids all day long and sometimes what burns us out is the fact that we don’t have time to ourselves.

    Carve out time for yourself. Just you. And do things that fulfills you as a person. Not as mom, or wife, but you.

    5. Support Group

    This is what saved me when I was first starting out.

    Look online (like Facebook) and see if there’s a homeschool group that meets regularly in your area. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get connected with other homeschoolers.

    If you attend church, you might find other homeschoolers in your church and that’s another way to connect as well.

    Let the kids play together and we as parents can talk, vent or laugh together.

    Don’t stay in groups that are judgmental or put you and your kids down in anyway. Find your people, your tribe that will lift you up as a homeschool mom and person.

    Wishing you lots of joy in your homeschool journey,


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