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Having a schedule or routine of some sort can be very beneficial to a young 3 or 4 year old.

I find that we do more activities together, have fewer meltdowns, and go to sleep at a decent time.

Baby girl is 3 and will be turning 4 in a few short months (insert crying emoji).

She loves her visual schedule and I think it really gives her a sense control knowing what to expect for the day.

I will most likely use the visual schedule when she is 4 as well.

Ellie MLT
Ellie 3 years old



Below is a snapshot of our homeschool preschool schedule right now (Spring of 2019), this one is for me, not her.

I keep a copy in my Homeschool Binder and another one on the door of the fridge.

Homeschool Preschool Schedule

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Homeschool Preschool Visual Schedule
Preschool Homeschool Visual Schedule

Credit: I found this YouTube video and it gave me the idea of making a visual schedule for my preschooler.


8-9 AM (Breakfast & Clean-up):

  • Little Ellie usually wakes up by 8 AM and we will have breakfast.
  • Clean-up means she will bring her bowl/plate, utensils, and cup to the sink when she’s done eating.

9-9:30 AM (Get Ready):

  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash face
  • Brush hair

9:30-10 AM (Morning Basket): This is something we recently implemented.

  • Calendar, weather, and what we are going to do that day.
  • They can choose from the basket:
    • A simple devotion
    • Sticker activity books
    • Books I put in the basket (usually something to do with the season we are in and character development books for kids).
  • 10-11:30 AM (Alternate Homeschool & Chores):
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday, we have homeschool (it’s more for big brother). Ellie will do the following while I work with big brother.
      • Paint (her favorite)
      • Work on Dollar Tree sticker books
      • Draw and color
      • Simple craft
      • Sensory play
      • Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have chores. The kids will choose one area to clean up (toys, books, crafts, clothes). We usually clean up for about 15-30 minutes and then they will play.

11:30 AM-12 PM (Play Time): The kids play together while I prepare lunch.

12-1 PM (Lunch & Clean-up):

  • My husband usually comes home for lunch, so we eat together.
  • Clean-up means she will put her dishes in the sink when she is done.

1-2 PM (Alternate Screen Time/Piano (for big bro)/Library):

  • On Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, Ellie watches cartoons. She usually watches PBS or Peppa Pig on YouTube.
  • On Tuesdays, we go to big brother’s piano teacher’s house for lessons. During this time, Ellie and I usually read together.
  • Thursdays, we go to the library.

2-3 PM (Alternate Outside Play/Play Date/Library):

  • Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, we go outside and play or go for a walk in the neighborhood.
  • Tuesdays, we meet up with another homeschool family for play date.
  • Thursdays, we are at the library.

3-3:30 PM (Alternate Mama Time/Play Date/Groceries):

  • Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, we have “Mama Time.” This is a term my son made up, but it simply means they have my undivided attention.
    • We can read, play, sing, or tell stories, and have hot cocoa or snacks together.
    • I am not doing household chores, I am not on my phone or computer, I give them full attention.
  • Tuesdays, we have play date with another homeschool family.
  • Thursdays, we are do our grocery shopping.

3:30-5 PM (Alternate Free Time/Play Date/Groceries):

  • Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, this is their free time.
    • We can go outside or stay inside and play more
    • Table activities (draw/color/experiments)
    • Watch cartoons
  • Tuesdays, we have play date and then on our way home.
  • Thursdays, finishing up grocery shopping and on our way home.

5-6 PM (Dinner & Clean-up)

  • Dinner together
  • Clean-up dishes and pick up toys

6-7 PM (Bath/Ready for Bed)

  • Bathe
  • Brush teeth/floss
  • Brush hair
  • Night time skin regimen (she has eczema)
  • PJ’s on

7-8 PM (Read Books)

  • We read books together.
  • She can choose whatever book(s) she wants to read.

8 PM (Lights Out)

Homeschool Preschool Schedule


Even though, we have a daily schedule from Monday thru Friday, I try to be flexible.

Weather/Different Seasons:

If it’s going to rain in the afternoon, we play outside in the morning.

In the summer, we go to bed later because we play later during the day when it’s cooler (it is hot & muggy down here in NC during the summer) and also the sun goes down later.

If it’s wet, cold, and raining we will find other activities to do inside.

Yes, I’ve read that blog post about playing outside in rain but I am just not that kinda mama.

The kids will jump in puddles if it’s drizzling or light rain, I am OK with that, but you will not find me exploring the woods with my kids when it’s pouring rain outside.

Daylights Savings:

I do not know why we still do this. I guess there’s a legitimate reason??

I don’t know…

When we have to change time, we are usually off by an hour or so. It takes us a good week (or two) to adjust. I just let it be. Don’t stress.


If someone is sick, we will take it easy.

I usually try to gauge it and see how much we can do.

Mostly lots of snuggling, reading, and watching a few cartoons.

We will forgo playdate(s) so we don’t get our friends sick.


Just like many families, our schedules will change during the holiday seasons, when we have guests over, or if we are vacationing.

For us, we don’t really follow the schedule during holidays and vacations.


If an activity is too much or too frustrating for Ellie, we stop and I offer to do another activity.

There’s no point in forcing when they are this young (in my opinion).

Loss of Interest:

One day they love coloring and will color for an hour straight, and the next day they want nothing to do with a coloring book (smh).

That’s alright, I just offer another activity and will re-introduce coloring another day.

Behind the Schedule: 

It does bother me when we are behind the schedule (that’s why I don’t like schedules to begin with).

I feel that I am more relaxed without it because if we fall behind I get grumpy or upset and I don’t like that. This is something I need to work on.

Usually, if we do fall behind (and I get over it), we just keep going and end up roughly half an hour to an hour behind, I just need to be OK with that and not stress out too much.


We are a military family and you probably already know that military families move a lot. Usually, every 2-3 years.

Moving is one of the major stressors in life for everyone.

Until things have settled, we will maintain meal times and bed times and keep those relatively close to the schedule.

Otherwise, I really don’t stress about it.


Ah. The D word. Yup, this will mess up your rhythm like no other.

When my husband was deployed last year, we were good for the first two months and then it was all downhill from there.

Some people will thrive on a set routine and some will just fall off and be like, “Oh well.”

I was the latter. We survived, that’s all I have to say.


Well, that’s how we spend most of our weekdays, how about you? I know every family is different (in a good way), we all have different priorities and values.

What do you focus on with your preschooler?

Let me know in the comment section below! I’m curious!

P.S. My daughter is 5 years old now and her schedule is quite different, but this schedule worked really well for us when she was 3 and 4.

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  1. Sarah Garden

    What a great way to organize the day! I love that this is visual…so helpful for the little ones and once they get the hang of it, they will be able to keep us on schedule 🙂

    • Shirley

      Yes, Ellie carries her little visual schedule around the house and points to the tasks we are doing throughout the day. It’s so cute. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Huda

    Omg what a fun post to read! I am the EXACT opposite of you because i love schedules like i have to have them in order to know how to function lol ao i appreciated a different perspective!

    • Shirley

      Oh I wish I could be like you!!! It’s a struggle, but it helps us stay on track and be more productive. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Kale @

    I love a great schedule! I have found my elementary students at school also love schedules. They know what to expect. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amanda Krieger

    This is awesome. I’m horrible at schedules, I would love to see this in action!

  5. Mamie L. Pack

    It’s great you have a system and schedule that works so well for your family.

  6. thehabibihouse

    This is so perfect for me. I am currently planning my son’s preschool homeschool for next year!

  7. Lorena y Lennox

    Thanks for this awesome schedule. I’m thinking of starting an in-home, Spanish immersion preschool down the road, so I will save this schedule for future reference =)


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