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You guys. If there was any curriculum that I am very particular about, it’s math.

No, it’s not because I’m asian. 😜

In fact, my math is horrible. I am always relying on the calculator.

You might say, “Nothing wrong with that, that’s what I do.”

Well, true. We get by.

But, it is utterly embarrassing when someone gives you $10 for an item priced at $2.25 at your own garage sale and you can’t figure out the change without using a calculator. (Yup, happened to me and I’m not proud of it).

I don’t want that for my kids.

I want them to know mental math. I want them to be CONFIDENT in math.

Most importantly, I want to make math REAL and EXCITING.

Top Homeschool Math Curriculum


  • Mastery math – learning one concept before moving on to another. Concepts build on top each other.
  • Spiral math – concepts are repeated throughout the curriculum for review and each time there will be a little more added to that concept. 
  • Conceptual development – to be able to take what they are learning and apply it to the world around them. So, not just knowing or memorizing math facts and rules, but to be able to know why and how to apply them to various real life situations. 


In no particular order.


184940: Singapore Math: Primary Math Textbook 1A US EditionSingapore Math: Primary Math Textbook 1A US Edition
184964: Singapore Math: Primary Math Workbook 1A US EditionSingapore Math: Primary Math Workbook 1A US Edition


Mental math strategies are taught well and early.

The “primary” version is the original series from Singapore (where students test real high in math).

The textbooks are colorful and appealing to young kids, the workbooks are black and white, which the kids can color in.

There is a home instructor’s guide available for each level and that makes prep a lot smoother.

Starts with level 1 (right about 1st grade) and goes to level 6.


18800: Saxon Math 1, Home Study KitSaxon Math 1, Home Study Kit

Spiral approach.

Saxon math has been around for quite some time and they see great success in students who use Saxon.

Popular among those who are using the classical or traditional homeschool methods.

Lots of drill, flashcards, and repetition.

Starts with kindergarten and goes all the way up to calculus. K-3 curriculum uses manipulatives.

Prep is fairly easy, all written out for you and even scripted.


Homeschool Math

Mastery approach.

Math Mammoth is developed by Maria Miller, math teacher turned homeschool mom.

Emphasizes on strong conceptual understanding, mental math, and math facts.

Requires little prep from you (she’s a homeschool mom after all).

Light Blue Series is the complete curriculum for 1st-6th grade.

Blue Series is more topical oriented (not by grade level, but by topics).

This is the one we are using for Micah right now.


10060: Horizons Math, Grade 1, Complete SetHorizons Math, Grade 1, Complete Set

Spiral method.

Horizon math is published by Alpha Omega Publication, a Christian homeschool curriculum.

The workbooks are colorful and engaging for young kids.

It uses manipulatives as well to teach certain concepts. A teacher’s guide is available for each level.

Starts with kindergarten and goes to 8th grade.


503331: Math-U-See Primer Universal SetMath-U-See Primer Universal Set

Math-U-See is mastery based. Developed by homeschool dad and math teacher, Steve Demme.

A complete K-12 math curriculum, although it goes by level rather than grade (primer, alpha, beta, gamma, etc.).

There is a teacher’s guide and an instructional DVD that goes with each level.

Strong use of blocks and other manipulative, thus Math-U-See.

Workbooks are simple and straight-forward, no color or anything.


776222: RightStart Mathematics Level A Book Bundle, 2nd EditionRightStart Mathematics Level A Book Bundle, 2nd Edition

RightStart Math is mastery based.

This is a strong hands-on, visual math program that uses the abacus (and other manipulative) as tools to learn math concepts.

Practice problems are done by playing math card games.

Great for MULTI-SENSORY LEARNERS. Starts with level A (about kindergarten) to level H (8th grade).


476906: Mathematical Reasoning, Level A, Grade KMathematical Reasoning, Level A, Grade K

Spiral approach.

From the Critical Thinking Company, this math curriculum is strong in conceptual development.

Textbook/workbook is fun and colorful, not boring at all.

They incorporate logic puzzles and other fun math activities in the workbook.

You only need one book for each level making it simple, it’s an open and go curriculum.

Starts in PreK and goes all through middle school (algebra, geometry).


9107245: Life of Fred: ApplesLife of Fred: Apples

You will find more words than numbers in this curriculum.

Life of Fred is developed by retired math teacher, Dr. Stanley Schmidt, wanted to make math fun.

Life of Fred can be a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of solving pages of math equations, drills, and facts memorizations.

You are learning math by reading stories based on the adventures of Fred.

This curriculum will help your child to develop a strong conceptual understanding of math, it is not merely memorizing.

Students will be skilled in critical thinking and problem solving.

They will learn to connect math to the world around them.

It is also a very affordable curriculum. $16 for each level or grade.

Life of Fred starts in 1st grade and goes all the way up to university level.

Homeschool Math Curriculum


1) Ease of use for parents. It’s better to actually use the curriculum than to buy a curriculum (even a good one) and not use it at all.

2) Strong in conceptual developmentmental mathcritical thinking, and problem solving.

3) I also considered these curriculum based on how my children learn best.

4) Price. The most expensive curriculum here are the ones with manipulatives like RightStart Math, however these manipulatives are often purchased once and you will be able to use them for the following years. Other than that, teacher’s manuals, textbooks, and workbooks are reasonably priced for new copies, and cheaper if you can buy them used.

5) These curriculum are tried and true, raved by many homeschool parents in FB groups and forums, other homeschool bloggers and YouTubers, and homeschool veterans like Cathy Duffy.


Are you currently considering or using one of the math curriculum mentioned above?If so, please share your experience with others in the comment section below.

If there’s a math curriculum that is not on my list of top 8 that is worth mentioning, please share in the comment section below! I am curious to know! 😊

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