June 6, 2022

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Well, we got back from staying a couple nights on Navy Pier in Chicago. Prior to that we were in Michigan/Indiana. It was a nice visit with my parents and friends.

We went home (to do laundry) and rested on the Sabbath and now we are at Great Wolf Lodge!

It’s a nice little getaway for us even though we are only 15 minutes from home! 😅

We decided not to go far this summer, with the fuel prices the highest I’ve ever seen, it just makes sense for us.

Micah and Ellie are just enjoying the waterpark, as are myself and Naofumi.

They have grown so much since last year because Micah can go on all the water slide rides by himself. Ellie is just right at the cut off so she still needs someone 48 inches and taller to go with her. I told her, next year she’ll be able to go by herself! She just hugged me and said, “But, I want to go with you!” 🥰

They sure do grow fast.

Anyway, we are just relaxing in the hotel room right now after being in the waterpark for most of the day.

After all this traveling, packing and unpacking, I am ready to go back to our routine at home!

I do have to say I am grateful to be able to take a family vacation this summer and I am glad my husband is able to relax a little bit from his work.



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